WFFC Fly Box – Mayfly Nymph Trout Pattern

Start with a curved shank #14 light wire hook and black 8/0 thread.
Starting at the head of the fly tie in the thread and run it back to the bend of the hook
Add The tail ,make it the length of the gap of the hook .i used grizzly  hackle fibers maybe 6 or so.
Next dub the body with grey poly yarn very thin.
Add a shell back of grey raffta about 3/16 wide and back from the eye about a 1/4 inch . Next add more dubbing over the raffta to make a thorax
Prepare a small pheasant rump blue colored feather by cutting or pulling the center of the tip off and remove the bottom fibers so it is now chevron shaped with about 6 fibers on each side.
Tie it in loosely with a single thread wrap with the quil forward. Then pull
The raffia over the thorax and put one thread wrap over it.
Now pull the feather quill gently forward until the fibers are short sticking out each side of the raffta about 1/8 on an inch.
Now tighten the thread and make a few wraps to secure the raffta and feather quill
Trim the raffta and finish the head and whip finish.
I don’t like head cement so that is optional





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