WFFC Fly Box – Callibaetis Dun Trout Pattern

Callibaetis Dun Fly Small



Callibaetis  Dun

Tied By: Bob Burdick

This fly is most effective when there are lots of duns showing on the surface.  Its body sits low in the water and its trailing shuck gives it an enticing profile.  The zelon wings provide ample floatation, and don’t gum up after each landed fish.  Another advantage is its simplicity allowing it to be tied in about 10 minutes.

Materials:  hook—TMC 900 BL, 1X fine, 1X wide, tied usually on a # 16 hook. I also tie a few #14

Thread— #14 dark brown for head and thorax

Wings—Straight Zelon (Antron) labeled dark dun from Blue Ribbon Flies in W. Yellowstone

Trailing shuck—improved micro zelon in an olive color also from Blue Ribbon Flies

Step 1.  After placing hook in a vice secure with the dark brown thread a bunch of the olive zelon for a shuck that extends beyond  the hook bend by about the width of the curve in the hook cheap lasix 100 mg.

Step 2.  Next form a thin tapered body with the dark brown thread

Step 3.  Next form a bunch of the dark dun Zelon just behind the hook eye  to represent wings and position it as depicted in the picture.

Step 4. Form a small head with the #14 dark brown thread.

Step 5.  Using small amounts of dubbing wax, massage the wing material into a megaphone shape as  depicted in the picture.

Notes:  I carry a black water-proof marker, and am prepared to darken the Zelon wings to mimic the shade of the  wings of the hatching adults.   This shade seems to vary by time of year and by lake.