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Young people can begin the lifelong adventure that is fly fishing. What they learn today will make them responsible fishers in the future.

The sport of Fly Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed throughout one’s lifetime. Children as young as 7 or 8 years can learn to cast a fly and catch fish under the guidance of a relative or close family friend.

As they progress into their teen and young adult years, the good sportsmanship habits associated with fly fishing can become a good foundation to build their personal characters and values. Friends you make fly fishing are often friends for life.

An understanding of the ecology, conservation practices and entomology associated with fly fishing will lead to a life time of learning, experiencing and enjoying nature. Many people in their 70‘s, 80’s and even 90’s are still able enjoy a day of fly fishing.

One of the key aims and purposes of the Washington Fly Fishing Club (WFFC) is: To encourage and assist others–particularly young persons to become fly fishers and true conservationists.

As a club we are prepared to offer instruction to young people on the unique skills of fly fishing, fly tying and rod building. We have numerous members with these skills, who also understand the ecology and entomology of the marine systems and are willing to pass along these skills to others. As a club we have a long history of conservation activism associated with fly fishing and encourage others to become active participants.

If you are associated with a youth group (formal or informal) and would like to learn more or schedule a class (even a one time presentation) on any of the aspects of fly fishing please click on the “Contact US” above and send us an email.

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