March 17th WFFC Fly Tying Forum – Rene Harrop’s ‘Callibaetis CDC Biot Thorax (adult)

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

Below is the link to our March 17th tying session.  We will complete our Callibaetis series with Rene Harrop's 'Callibaetis CDC Biot Thorax (adult).  The material list is as follows: Hook: Dry fly barbless, size 14-18 Thread: Tan Tail: Coq de Leon fibers Adboment: Callibaetis goose biots (or substitute) Thorax: Callibaetis dubbing Wings: Paired medium […]

March 31st Fly Tying Forum – Nearly Dun

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

At our next meeting on March 31st, we will tie the Nearly Dun.   Time permitting, we will tie a second fly: Upright BWO Emerger.  Both flies utilize the same materials.  The only difference is that the Upright BWO has a schuck and not tails.  Both are easy ties and highly effective flies to fish. Nearly […]

May 5th Fly Tying Forum – Olive CDC Comparadun

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

At our next meeting Wednesday, May 5th @ 7:00p.m. (19:00) we will be tying a CDC Comparadun using split thread technique.  You will need a flat thread (Veevus 12.0 or Danville 6.0) or equivelent.  If you do not have Marc Petitjean's Magic Tool, please do not rush out and get one.  You may use a […]

May 19th Fly Tying Forum – CDC Parachute with Split Thread Technique

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

  Our next Forum is Wednesday, May 19th.  We will continue with Split Thread Technique.  This time will will tie a CDC parachute; that is the wing will be CDC.  Below is the recipe.  You may substitute as necessary. For expample, your wing post can be foam, as noted below, or you can use Poly […]

June 2nd Fly Tying Forum – Quigley’s Hackle Stacker Callibaetis

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

Our next fly will be Quigley's Hackle Stacker  Callibaetis. We will meet June 2nd at 7:00pm (19:00). Hook: TMC 100 #14-16 - equivilent (standard dry fly hook). Thread: Uni-thread Gray 8/0 Hackle: Grizzly Hackle Abdomen: Gray Goose Biot Thorax: Callibaetis Superfine Tail: Grizzly Spade Hackle Fibers Post: 7X or 6X tippet This link will show you the typical technique used to tie […]

June 16th Fly Tying Forum – Quigley’s Mutant Mayfly Dun

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

Our next Forum will be Wednesday, June 16th. We will tie Quigley's Mutant Mayfly Dun.  This pattern is the Hackle Stacker with wings.  I will send a separate email with the material list and a link to the video with Quigley tying. Neal Hoffberg is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Neal Hoffberg's […]

June 30th Fly Tying Forum – Brooks Sprout Emerger Pattern

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

  Our next Fly Tying Forum will be June 30th.  We will be tying the Brooks Sprout.  This is a great emerger pattern.  It can be tied as a baetis, callibaetis, trico, PMD, etc.  I typically tie this in either black for a trico or olive for a baetis.  The choice is yours.  I will […]

July 28th Fly Tying Forum – Fat Albert Dry Fly

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

Attached please see the Zoom invite to our next tying session.  I will be out of town for a week this month.  Therefore, our next meeting will be July 28th.  We will tie the Fat Albert Dry Fly.  This is a great hopper imitation.  Click on the following link Fat Albert Fly video tutorial. […]

2022 Beginning Fly Fishing Class – Three Zoom Sessions April 4th, 11th & 18th at 7PM

Zoom Beginning Fly Fishing Class Sessions

Once again, the Beginning Fly Fishing class held in three Zoom sessions due to the increased COVID Omnicon infections rate the state is experiencing, for the health and safety of the participants. If the infection rates are significantly reduced, we will hold an in person Fly Casting Lesson at a site and date to be […]

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