Foundation Legacy Donations


In 1975, the WFFC Club formed the Washington Fly Fishing Club Foundation as a Washington nonprofit corporation. The Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Because of this status, the members of the Club and the public generally may be able to make donations to the Foundation that are deductible for federal and state income and estate taxes—consult your tax advisor.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide funding for fisheries research, conservation, education, and other related outreach activities.

Through an estate legacy planned gift, you can play a direct role to ensure that the WFFC Foundation’s work will be continued well into the future.

You can make a legacy gift to the Foundation by including a designated funds request in a Will, Trust or other estate planning instruments, or in your Retirements Plan, or by naming the Foundation as a Beneficiary of your Life Insurance Policy.

The information provided about the Foundation and the possible deductibility of donations is not intended as legal or tax advice. Neither the Foundation nor its representatives make any representations or warranties. Please contact your Lawyer, Accountant, Financial Adviser, Insurance Agent or other tax advisor about your ability to deduct a donation to the Foundation and for the details on how to set up the donation.

For more information on how your legacy gift can support WFFC Foundation’s mission, please contact the WFFC Foundation President, Jim Goedhart, via email at [email protected], with your name, phone number and email address for a discussion.

You may also make direct WFFC Foundation donation by mailing a WFFC Foundation check to PO Box address below, which will be greatly appreciated.


The Washington Fly Fishing Club Foundation Tax Id: 23-7438069

Address: PO Box 639, Mercer Island, WA 98040-0639

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