March 31st Fly Tying Forum – Nearly Dun

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

At our next meeting on March 31st, we will tie the Nearly Dun.   Time permitting, we will tie a second fly: Upright BWO Emerger.  Both flies utilize the same materials.  […]

April 21st Fly Tying Forum – Klinkhammer Fly

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

At our next fly tying session on April 14th, we will be tying the Klinkhammer fly.  This fly was originally designed to imitate an emerging caddis.  However, it is easily […]

May 5th Fly Tying Forum – Olive CDC Comparadun

Zoom Fly Tying Forum

At our next meeting Wednesday, May 5th @ 7:00p.m. (19:00) we will be tying a CDC Comparadun using split thread technique.  You will need a flat thread (Veevus 12.0 or […]

May 18th, 2021 Zoom Meeting Speaker Ryan Smith

Zoom Meeting Speaker

Ryan Smith, of the Avid Anglers, will be the May 18th zoom meeting's Speaker and will talk to us about and where to fly fish in the Puget Sound. Ryan […]